Monday, 30 November 2015


We are excited to announce 'Dreamweavers' by Kerry Alan Denney as the first-ever Editor’s Choice as chosen by the Daily Druid. Colleagues and readers have dubbed Kerry Alan Denney "The Reality Bender." The multiple award-winning author blends elements of the supernatural, paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror in his work: speculative fiction at its wildest and craziest. With joy, malicious glee, and a touch of madness, he writes reality-bending thrillers, and Dreamweavers is no exception. 

Filled with hope, humor, romance, intrigue, action, surreal dreamscapes, a uniquely gifted and nefarious villain, and two amazing dogs, Dreamweavers reveals the compassion and resilience of the human—and canine—spirits with a triumphant climax that blends dreams and nightmares with what we all perceive as the real world.

Anything can happen when dreams merge with reality... including murder.